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We breed Standard Siberian Kittens in all colors and are located in Helena Montana MT close to Idaho, Wyoming, Washington. Check our Siberian Kitten for sale  tab for upcoming litters of Siberian Kittens for sale  here in Helena Montana MT. We would be more that willing to transport within the USA. Flights would be arranged courier style for Southern, Midwestern and Western USA.
Welcome to Ashley Siberian Kitten Cattery!  We raise Siberian cats and kittens from champion breeding bloodlines imported to Helena Montana MT, USA.  Our Siberian cats/kittens originate directly from Poland, Russia, the Ukraine and Canada.  Located in the New England region, we have amazingly beautiful, hypoallergenic, purebred, Siberian kittens in a variety of patterns and colors.  Many of our kittens are carriers of the very rare golden gene.  We breed traditional Siberian kittens/Cats in blue/gold Siberian Kitten, tabby Siberian Kitten, solid black Siberian Kitten, and forest coated black mackerel Siberian Kitten.  A myriad of colors are possible from our Siberian cat breeding lines offering a multitude of choices. 

Siberian cats are the best breed ever!
Our purebred Siberians are spoiled lavishly and live among us, not in cages.  With teenage boys (and their many friends) they are well socialized and fed only the best of diets.  All cats are vet checked regularly and remain free from any health issues.  Kittens are CFA / TICA registered and will have all applicable vet checks before being sent to their forever homes. Visit our site to see our current Queens, Kings, Kittens and any possible retirees. We are conveniently located Helena MT.  We are willing to deliver Nationwide within the USA from Florida to Maine and from Virgina to California via courier.  Other destinations foreign and domestic may also be possible. Fees and flights to be determined at shipping date.  We will not ship via cargo due to new rules and regulations on pet transportation.

-Veterinary Health certificate
-Vaccinations on time


We do remind and advise all our clients to stay home, safe throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Also, we indulge in all our clients to follow all medical directives to protect themselves and love once. As such we do offer a 10% discount to all our potential clients. Together Let's fight and stop COVID-19.


Our Siberian Kittens are born and raised in our home and we only sell to indoor trained. My aim is to breed for Good health, Good Natures and to the Breed Standard Siberian Kittens for sale. If you are interested in Adopting a Siberian Kitten please contact us we shall respond to you within the next 12 hours


  • Current Age : 13 Weeks
  • Sex : Male
  • Registered : Yes

  • Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes
Siberian Kittens for sale


  • Current Age : 12 Weeks
  • Sex : Female
  • Registered : Yes

  • Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes


  • Current Age : 13 Weeks
  • Sex : Female
  • Registered : Yes

  • Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes
Once more again we thank you for visiting our website! We are a family living just outside Helena Montana MT, Texas and have been raising our children and Siberian kittens for 12 years. Our home is the perfect blend of modern and back to the land. My husband works in IT and the children and I work together raising the kittens.  Caring for the cats teaches the children confidence and responsibility; the kittens receive tons of love and attention. It's a working balance that benefits all. 

​We are working to home raise the friendliest and most loving hypoallergenic cats.  Click to learn more about us.  Your support helps grow and strengthen our family.  We want to extend our heartfelt thank you - from our family to yours.

Our Siberian Kittens are registered with TICA, The International Cat Association. Our pet kittens will be adopted with registration papers. They are spayed or neutered . 

Exclusive Shipping

We have a wide encounter of delivery to various Country . Our Siberian kittens are currently prepared to be ship. Simply get in touch with us on the off chance that you are intrigued. We ship within the State (USA, and around the world)

Exclusive Colors

We are so unimaginably Siberain Kitten breeder enamored with every single pointed shading! So we spend significant time in working with this rich and staggering division of hues with enchanting blue eyes munchkin kittens ! Love them!

International Standards

We work as indicated by the measures of The International Cat Association (TICA) / CFA and worldwide veterinary prerequisites. We hold fast to the deliberate code of morals of reproducers.

Siberian Kitten Testimonials

Evan Shabak Zazzy

Klaus has been a great addition to our home. He’s friendly to both of our older dogs, very social with everyone in the family, and really smart. This is our first cat because of allergy issues. We got Klaus because Siberians are more hypoallergenic than other breeds. At this point, we’ve experienced no allergy issues!  We are so happy we made the decision to buy Klaus!

Alisson Parker

Hi Ashley !
Just wanted to let you know how much we love our kitty! It’s hard to imagine our home without her now. She is the sweetest and most sociable cat we’ve ever known. She’s eating well and loves to play and snuggle with us. We are so happy she’s part of the family now. Thank you!!

Mary Ann Pegg

My husband has very bad allergies to cats and dogs. We looked into Siberians and found Ashley Siberian Cattery, so happy that we did! We’ve had our sweet Luna girl for over 3 years now. My husband had 0 allergic reactions to her, nothing, not even a sneeze from day 1. I would like to mention that all of my nieces and nephews are allergic as well and when they come over none of them have allergic reactions either. I hope this helps!

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