Ashley Siberian kittens Cattery
Ashley Siberian kittens Cattery

Exclusive Shipping

We have a wide encounter of delivery to various Country . Our Siberian kittens are currently prepared to be ship. Simply get in touch with us on the off chance that you are intrigued. We ship within the State (USA, and around the world)

Exclusive Colors

We are so unimaginably Siberian Kitten breeder enamored with every single pointed shading! So we spend significant time in working with this rich and staggering division of hues with enchanting blue eyes Siberian kittens ! Love them!

International Standards

We work as indicated by the measures of The International Cat Association (TICA) / CFA and worldwide veterinary prerequisites. We hold fast to the deliberate code of morals of reproducers.


We deal with all the flight/delivering courses of action for every one of our clients. You should simply get your winged creature at your closest air terminal around the same time inside 3 to 5 hrs. Basic and Safe! We just boat by means of Delta airline and United Safe Shippers , United , pets sitters . (Delivery subtleties and FAQ's underneath) 

We will facilitate flight times with our clients a couple of days ahead of time before the Siberian Kittens are being delivered (assuming it doesn't rain). The client is provided with the aircraft, flight number(s), air waybill/following number, and flight appearance time before takeoff. It is suggested that the client show up at the air terminal no later than the normal flight appearance time with the goal that your Siberian Kittens isn't sitting tight at the air terminal for any time allotment. 

We will contact our client indeed upon the arrival of shipment before the cat flight of our aviary. An arrival call, content, or email to Ashley Siberian Kittens Cattery telling us that the Kitten(s) showed up securely is incredibly refreshing. 

Any winged animal that leaves our Home must be come up with all required funds before the Siberian Kittens is transported. 
We offer delivery inside the U.S and worldwide transportation. 
Montana City local people must come and get!
Shipping FAQs

How does shipping work?

We deal with the flight/dispatching game plans for every one of our clients. Each of the client needs to do is to Home conveyance or get their infant at their closest air terminal with a Valid I.D. Straightforward and Safe! 

We'll facilitate flight times with our clients a couple of days ahead of time before the Siberian Kitten are being transported (assuming the rainclouds blow over). We'll drop off the cat at our air terminal and the client will get the cat at their closest significant air terminal or the cat will be conveyed at your doorstep. Clients are provided with the carrier, flight number(s), air waybill number, and flight appearance time preceding takeoff. A direct or travel flight will show up inside 5-8 hours relying upon your state. 

Is shipping safe for the kittens? 

Truly, obviously!!! Our pet bearers are all around intended to guarantee our kitten(s) make the most of their trip to their goal. We give food, water, and delicate sheet material inside the transportation Crate pet hotel to ensure the infant is agreeable while voyaging. Furthermore, we train our Kitten(s) to be in a pet Crate pet hotel day by day for a couple of mins to guarantee they don't get focused while going during their flight. 

What is inside/on top of the shipping Crate kennel?

A weaned little cat accompanies additional food inside a ziplock lock pack that will last you a couple of days. 

Manila envelop with an Avian vet wellbeing authentication, illness testing lab report, little cat care (Tips and Advice), top choices organic products/veggies rundown, and testament is joined on each delivery bearer. 

How much is the shipping cost?

Transportation is an extra $415 across the nation. Any express, any air terminal. The delivery rate is $315 to $300 contingent upon the size of the cat. 

Do we ensure our transportation and what's the arrival approach? 

Indeed, all our Siberian Kittens  are ensured to show up at your air terminal or Home securely. All deals are last when the Kittens are dispatched. There are no restoring the kitten. We have a 72 hour cutoff of notice, after conveyance of the kitten, of any passing at the purpose of conveyance, indicated on the request. Quick assessment is important to guarantee harm didn't happen during transportation and the cats are alive at conveyance. We will supplant the dead little cat or discount the expense of the cat one time, however not the delivery cost (Don't stress, this has never transpired). 

Do Kittens accompany a well-being ensure? 

Truly, all our weaned little cats accompany a full well-being ensure. We give our clients 30 days well-being assurance to take the kitten(s) to a veterinarian specialist. On the off chance that a veterinarian expresses that the Siberian Kittens was Unfit available to be purchased (not beneficial), an endorsement/desk work must be introduced to Ashley Siberian Kittens Cattery  inside 72 hours of test for trade or full discount of the Siberian Kittens(s).